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World War: to the combat troops - War Thunder Wiki The World War mode in War Thunder is represented by Seasons that have various scenarios, years of operations, available vehicles and theatres of war. ... they are unique for each Season. ... - it is necessary to exclude the possibility of participants who did not have time to install the specified vehicles in crew slots.

Major Update 1.81 "The Valkyries" - changelog - Updates ... Combat helicopters with a full and detailed flight model in War Thunder! Currently, the following machines are available for owners of bundles with one of the premium helicopters that give access to the helicopter CBT. ... purchased and put in a crew slot. ... has been created. Each helicopter has its own unique sound depending upon the type of ... [War Thunder] Crew slot choosing - YouTube Choosing crew slot with silver star for the vehile, not have to purchase, not waste SL Arcaders! How many crew slots do you have? : Warthunder Must be relevant to War Thunder in terms of time frame and purpose. Tag /u/ClockworkRaider in the post. If the post hasn't had a moderator comment within 48 hours, please PM the mod team or tag a member with a comment. ... AB Air Arcaders! How many crew slots do you have? (self.Warthunder) Is there a way to rearrange the slots? : Warthunder

Your not getting rid of the planes. If you go to replace the plane into the same crew slot later, it costs nothing to do so. It's just a bit of work to change vehicles if you want to play ground or air. I think it may be good to see a second, tank specific lineup, but it probally wouldn't happen.

Gaijin.Net Store / Prepaid War Thunder сards in GameStop! Dear players! We are glad to announce that it is now possible to to purchase War Thunder prepaid cards in Gamestop Stores across United States!. War Thunder - Gamestop $15 - this card will give you 2 000 Golden Eagles. World of Tanks – Page 3 – The Armored Patrol From RU Portal „Tankers! The first iteration of the supertest rebalance of medium tanks has come to an end, and we have news for you. We studied the statistics and reviews and came to the conclusion that the previously mentioned edits of all machines did not show the proper result and require further study in the next iteration of the supertest.

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Boards. War Thunder. Waiting after losing last plane?Once a plane has been researched you can buy it and then add it to your one of your slots (Crews). I bought a bomber which was very cheap but the Crew itself is quite expensive in comparison. Operation S.U.M.M.E.R. Kicks Off In War Thunder, Unique

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- US Army Staff Sergeant and tank platoon sergeant Charles A. Carden. Due to their excellent cross-country mobility and other advanced features, the Tigers and the Panther were thoroughly tested by the Allies, particularly Britain, US and France and used the results they learned for their post war tank designs particularly heavy tanks.

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