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Maggard Razors Blade Bank Used Blades Lifetime Wall Slot ... Years ago, medicine cabinets would have a slot cut in the back of them for used razor blades. You'd knock a hole in your wall, install your medicine cabinet over ... fix.: bad idea: the little slot in the back of the medicine cabinet where ... Razor blade slot in medicine cabinet. When done with your razor blades, insert through the hole and they fall down into the wall of the house. I always wondered  ... Amazon.com: Fine Forever Blade Bank: Health & Personal Care Buy Fine Forever Blade Bank on Amazon.com ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. ... innocuous slots for safe and permanent disposal of used safety razor blades found in medicine cabinets and washrooms throughout the mid-20th century ... Seen Around Town: Razor Blade Bank Slot | IS Architecture

Razor blade disposal slot in an old medicine cabinet, What caused me even more chagrin was the fact that my parents and older sister did not find the razor blade slot in the wall.

Razorblades in the wall... | Razor Blades In Walls | Wall ... razor blade slot in medicine cabinet - there was one in my Grandmother's house. She kept finding razor blades on the basement floor and finally figured out that when Granpa put the blade in the slit it was going through the wall into the basement. razor blade slot in medicine cabinet--we have these in our house now--post war cape cod. Norelco Commercial 1967 - YouTube Ever wonder what would happen if someone threw away one old razor blade too many? (By throwing away, we mean poking through the slot in a medicine cabinet and having them collect inside the wall). 15 Best Razor Blades In Walls images | Blade, Walls, Wands

after examining the floor and seeing nothing, i asked what he had just done. he replied that he’d dropped his razor blade into the slot in the medicine cabinet. when he further explained that it had gone inside the wall, i was both amazed …

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Razor blade slot located on lower portion of cabinet. Recessed Medicine Cabinet shall be Model ________ (insert model number) of Gamco Commercial Restroom

The folks who've responded with the info about the old style medicine cabinets with the slot in the back for disposal of old razor blades are correct, the rest of the answers are just conjecture by people who don't know, but felt the need to post some sort of answer. I've remodeled many older homes, and removed many of these cabinets. Gamco MC-1 Recessed Stainless Steel Medicine Cabinet Cabinet shall have three adjustable clear plastic shelves. One shelf will have 4 holes to accommodate up to 4 toothbrushes. Razor blade slot located on lower portion of cabinet. Download the Gamco MC-1 Medicine Cabinet Spec Sheet Bradley | Medicine Cabinet | Model 175-11 | Washroom ... The surface mounted model is also ADA Compliant.Features•Mirrored door 17 1/8″W x 30 5/8″H with spring-buffered rodstop.•Interior storage cabinet with adjustable shelves.•Razor blade disposal slot.•May be inverted for left hand door swing.•Projects 4″ from wall.Overall dimensions: 17-1/8″ W x 30-5/8″ H x 4″ D The House: Medicine cabinet

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Razor Blades - Recycle/Disposal | EDCForums I just use the little slot in my medicine cabinet that is designed to be used for blade disposal. The blades drop in and down the wall betwen the studs.I love my straight razor but i also have a Gilette Fatboy for when im lazy. I took a sturdy candy tin and punched a nice slot in the lid and thats where...

Bath Furniture - Cabinets - Medicine Cabinets - Woodworker Express Everyone needs a medicine cabinet in their bathroom. Where else will you keep those aspirin for your headache or your toothbrush. We have a nice line of ... MFH Home Tour: Upstairs Bathroom - My Frugal Home Sep 7, 2016 ... Inside of Medicine Cabinet. The inside is mostly my husband's domain. Razor Blade Slot. Check out the cool spot in the back for inserting used ...